3D Printed Railcars

We offer custom designed, 3D printed HO scale rail car model kits.  These cars are 3D printed in a high detail UV cured resin plastic and include hardware and decals.  Availability varies, depending on the current status of my supplier's printer. 

1/25th Scale Trucks

I've started custom designing and scratch building 1/25th scale truck trailers and conversion parts for truck models.  Plans and reference information for the trailers are available here for downloading, Free of charge.

1/35th Scale Equipment

I love construction equipment. I found that the only available model of a modern era bulldozer was Meng's 1/35th scale armored D9R.  I'm not a fan of military models, so I went ahead and designed and built a civilian conversion set for it.


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Firecat Designs

About Firecat Designs

About me:

I started building models when my best friend's father gave me a box of built up model cars 44 years ago.  I modeled for years, then stopped after college.  I dabbled off and on, then started in earnest again a few years ago.  I decided to combine my love of CAD design and custom modeling to push my skills and abilities.  Firecat Designs is my way of sharing these models with you.

Custom designed, one of a kind railcar models

I was bored with boxcars, tank cars and hoppers, so I decided to design and model rail cars that interested me and were not available anywhere else.  If you find them interesting as well, this is your chance to model something unique.

Scratchbuilt Trucks

My other interest is 1/25th scale trucks and equipment.  Using my CAD design skills and always trying to push my modeling skills to the next level, I started making trailers and truck bodies not found anywhere else.  These are not available as kits, but I make the plans and designs available for you to download for free.  Go, try something new.